dancing into truth

I am spirit on earth
and i dedicate myself to channelling love and truth
into my life:

i am
a source of light
in the living body of potential
ever growing in unity with all
as the universe and i flow harmoniously in change together.

love is my nature, truth is my will.
the essential masculine and feminine principles
of god and goddess in all their forms dwell within me.
the ecstasy of their intertwining is the divine spark of life into my deeper nature.

i am a wild child, a responsible adult and a wise elder.
i encompass within myself the wealth of human experience.
i welcome the fullness of life with its joy and sorrow as i work and play.
accepting into memory all suppressed experiences i release them with love and forgiveness.

i love and do as i will.
the truth of my experience and purity of my heart enable me to govern myself.
i share a vision with all people building a world based on freedom and cooperation.

the universe flows through me and i use this power to create, nurture and heal.
my love embraces violence and pain and transmutes them into peace and enthusiasm.
i respect the autonomy of each and choose not to interfere with pity or harm.

i am an artist creating my own reality and providing myself with the experiences i need.
a divine presence guides my ego and shapes all i think, feel, say and do.
i lovingly and willingly surrender to the beauty and perfection of all that i am.

i feel my connection with all facets of this universe
the earth, the water, the sky, plants, animals, spirits and other beings.
the divine within me recognizes and appreciates the divine within you.

my mind is a messenger bearing inspiration and intuition.
i am sincere, I honor my word, and I fulfill the responsibilities i choose.
in perfect love and perfect trust i share the truth within me.

through the veils of illusion i see clearly
the stillness that moves me.
life's experiences reflect my behavior
as the web of cause and effect constantly reminds me of my path;
whatever i send out returns magnified.
i am healthy, happy and free as earth's abundance provides for all my needs.
i celebrate the cycles of change
and recognize illness, adversity and confusion as opportunities
to grow in wisdom and understanding.

realizing the grace of the divine within
i laugh, sing and dance in the everpresent now.
i am birthing a new magickal being within myself
as part of the planetary transformation of consciousness
and evolution of homo sapiens
into homo veritas,
true human.


i am
we are
one * none * all

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